Family Group Conference - Roles

Role of the Family

Role of the FGC Coordinator

Role of the Social Worker

Role of Managers, Assistant Team Managers or Senior Practitioners

Role of the Adoption Social Worker

Role of Other Professionals

Attend the FGC.

Develop a plan.

Implement the plan.

Monitor its impact.

Identify and encourage families to explore the wider family network

Assist the referrer (social worker / practitioner) in formulating an agenda.

Prepare the family.

Convene the FGC.

Talk to child or young person and identify her/his wishes. Discuss how these will be presented to the meeting - arranging an advocate or support person from within or outside the family as appropriate dependent on age and understanding and parental agreement.

Encourage and support attendance at the meeting

Chair the information giving stage

Help clarify the plan

Enable the family to feed back its plan

Type up minutes / plan and distribute to family members, Social Worker, Team Manager and Senior Practitioner

Ask family members if they want to review the plan at a review FGC and agree a date for this

Discuss and offer an FGC to the family.

Make a referral.

Undertake any necessary assessments.

Introduce/prepare the family.

Offer information about concerns and potential resources.

Prepare an agenda.

Consider the family's proposed plan and monitoring and reviewing arrangements.

Support the family's implementation, monitoring and reviewing of the plan.

Deliver services as agreed and implement Children's Social Care part of the plan.

Provide leaflets for the family to take away and fully consider.

Agree and support the referral for an FGC.

Assist the referrer to formulate a clear agenda.

To ensure that the signed agenda is returned to the FGC Co-ordinator within 7 working days.

Ensure that referring Social Worker is clear about potential resources.

Agree the plan.

Ensure sufficient accountability in implementation, monitoring and review of plan.

Attend the FGC and provide the family with information in regards to Child Arrangement Orders or Special Guardianship Orders.

Discuss adoption within the family.

Discuss Kinship foster care within the family network, but also non - Familial adoption, fostering.

Carry out any necessary assessments.

Provide information about need and about services.

Implement their part of the plan.

Participate in monitoring and reviewing implementation.