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W3C Compliance

5.6 Transport for Students with a Special Educational Need or Disability


This chapter describes transport policies and practice for children with special educational needs and disabilities in Merton and contains links to two documents for pupils of statutory school age and those over school age. The documents highlight: key principles; the legal duties of the Local Authority; eligibility criteria; how the travel assistance will be provided, and, in respect of pupils over 16 years, grants and allowances together with ‘Independent Travel Training’ that may be available.


Child car seats: the law


In May 2018 a link to ‘Child car seats: the law’ was added in the Relevant Guidance (above). The rules have changed around booster seats and babies who now need to stay in rear facing seats until 15 months. (There has been a change to the technical standards of booster seats and cushions for manufacturers but this does not affect existing models of booster seats and cushions.)