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Merton Children’s Services Procedures Manual

May 2018: Click here to view the latest changes.


This is the latest operational version of an electronic procedures manual.

Before accessing the body of the manual users are encouraged to read the 'quick guide' using the button on the left of your screen.

The Manual has a ‘Documents Library’ from which Merton Forms can be accessed via the toolbar on the left. It currently has a range of required Letters and Forms in relation to Financial Assessments and support for children and families in respect of Adoption, Special Guardianship and Child Arrangements Order.

In Merton, the Adoption Panel and Fostering Panel are combined to form the ‘Adoption, Fostering and Permanence Panel’ and the Youth Offending Service is referred to as the ‘YOS/YJS’.

For further details please contact Malini Hoezoo (

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